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Newest Family Approved Recipe: Baked Pesto Chicken

When I met my husband, I still thought Hamburger Helper made a pretty decent stroganoff. To say it nicely, he had a more mature palate than I did. I didn’t know how to cook anything nicer or more complicated, so I was used to eating garbage food.

I thought he was a kitchen master. He would go into the kitchen and chop up a bunch of vegetables and slice up some meat and throw it in a pan. He would take different spices, like single herbs, not pre-packaged blends, and somehow he knew about how much to add of each thing. I was in awe. I had only seen celebrity chefs on tv do that before.

For most of our relationship/marriage, we cooked dinner about equally. Usually, it depended on who got home first from work. Even then, if I had started making dinner he would sometimes take over for me when he came through the door.

I might have the burger on to brown, for example, but he would come home and season it to make tacos.

But in 2016, with a baby on the way, I started working as a freelancer full time and no longer had to leave home for work. I started making dinner more and more often, but it was still a 75/25 split. Making dinner was one way that he liked to help out.

While my career was changing completely, my husband’s career was, too. Unfortunately, that meant he was working longer and longer hours. Nowadays he doesn’t have much time to cook until the weekends.

Since I’ve been the primary cook of the family, I’ve been determined to get better at it. Especially because food seems to have such a big impact on my whole family’s moods. Kids are happier at night when they like their dinner. My husband is happier when he’s had vegetables and lots of variety. I love the way I feel after a surprising or intricate meal. It’s a win-win to learn to cook.

Last night I made a recipe that everyone LOVED! It’s the second time I’ve made it with great reviews, so I’m moving it to my memory banks for an easy, crowd-pleasing recipe.

I have four kids with very different food likes and dislikes. If they all seem to like it, it’s a keeper!

Baked Pesto Chicken


You can find the original recipe at Lil Luna – Baked Pesto Chicken.

This first time I made it, I used the same kind of tomatoes that Kristyn did. This time, I used some tomatoes left over from a recipe I made earlier in the week. I liked the original recipe better because these grape tomatoes were a little too sweet.

It’s a super easy recipe to make. You just arrange the ingredients in your pan and bake it, no babysitting needed. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

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