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Dinner Plan For The Week

I’m excited about this week’s meal plan. Only one recipe is a recipe that I’ve made for my family before, so I’ve got four new challenges this week.

Tonight is blackened tilapia tacos and shrimp ceviche. It’s been a hot day and it rained this afternoon so it will be unbearably muggy by the time my husband gets home from work tonight. I think he’ll be very happy to come home to ceviche for dinner. The last time we ate ceviche we were on our honeymoon in Mexico in October, so the weather is pretty similar. Plus he was just talking about figuring out how to make ceviche the other day.

Tomorrow is cabbage rolls. Probably the wrong time of year for these, but I haven’t had them in forever. They take two hours to bake in the oven, so I always think that means “hard work.” But the recipe doesn’t seem so bad. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

Wednesday is red pepper pasta, something I’ve been looking forward to trying for a while now. I try not to cook pasta more than once a week, rice more than once a week, etc, etc. But it’s finally time to give this recipe a try. This is a vegan recipe but I’ll definitely use real cheese and I might use regular milk if we run out of almond milk before then. It’s not something we always have on hand.

Thursday is cheater Korean beef, which is my repeat recipe. I’ve made this about three or four times now and I love it. It’s super easy to pull together with items that I always have on hand. I wanted to buy a family size pack of ground beef, so I needed something not too elaborate to use some up. The only other thing I needed to buy was green onions. Everything else is already in my cupboard/spice drawer.

Friday we’re going to try egg roll lettuce wraps. I made my first lettuce wraps ever last week and they were so, so good. This particular recipe uses up a lot of the things I’ll have left over, like green and red cabbage and ground beef.

I will probably post pictures of success and you’ll never hear of the failures again. You can find all the recipes on my Pinterest board, or follow the links in the post.



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