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Red Pepper Pasta: Meh, Says My Family

I was very excited to make Red Pepper Pasta. I discovered butternut pasta recently, which was amazing. That lead me to avocado pasta, an instant family favorite that I’m going to be making way more than I should. With these veggie-pasta creations under my belt, I thought Red Pepper Pasta was going to be amazing!

But we all say meh. We ate it and we were full, but we didn’t love it. I think I could have done a better job. I had a bag with shallots in it that I ordered on Monday, but I searched high and low and could not find them anywhere. So I ended up using dried shallots, and I might have added too many.

The pasta didn’t turn out as bright and thick and I had hoped. I’m guessing I used too much milk in the first place, based on the color, and then maybe I didn’t cook it long enough. I’m not trying to blame the recipe, is what I’m saying. I’m just still learning to cook. red pepper pasta

On the other hand, my family doesn’t do well with unfamiliar things that look too much like familiar things. For example, my kids don’t eat chickpea burgers because they can’t put the bun to their mouth without expecting that beefy burger taste. When I make falafel using all of the same ingredients but wrapped in flatbread or a tortilla, they gobble it up.

The same thing happened with this pasta. It looked too much like normal tomato spaghetti. Even though it smelled different, there was still garlic and parmesan cheese, and all the visual cues of pasta and red sauce.

On the plus side, charring peppers was fun and satisfying. I’ve used charred poblanos in recipes before and really enjoyed it. I wish I had gotten a picture when they came out of the oven all black and saggy. I only got the before picture.

red peppers

The thing that makes me laugh is that we had amazing dinners Monday and Tuesday. My shrimp ceviche turned out just exactly the way I wanted it to and my blackened tilapia tacos were absolutely beautiful. My husband liked it so much he immediately packed some up for his lunch the next day. Tuesday we ate cabbage rolls and they turned out pretty great. It was another beautiful sight to see the leaves rolled up so neatly in the pan. But of course, I didn’t think to take any pictures at all on those days. Figures!

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