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4 Gorgeous Bullet Journal Spread To Help You Crush Financial Goals

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m spending all my spare energy this week to focus on my financial and career goals. I’m chugging along and making great progress, but I wanted to take some time to look at different bullet journal spreads for managing finances.

I have a spread that I like right now, but I’m always on the lookout for something to make budgeting and paying debt a little more exciting. One of my favorite things about bullet journaling is the way you can take kind of boring things and make them feel super interactive and fun, just by drawing a couple of boxes and doodling in the corners. Trackers? Count me in.

Here are 4 financial bullet journal spreads to help you set and smash financially goals.

Keeping a budget is vital for saving money and preparing for the future. But it is hard sometimes to look at our finances with a sharp eye because money (or lackthereof) is a scary thing. It's easier to use a happy blend of digital and paper systems to help you create and keep your perfect budget. For me, a pen and paper financial planner is just what I need to stay on it and take my finances seriously.
Via Little Coffee Fox

1. Pen and Paper Financial Planner Via Little Coffee Fox

This is a lovely little planner that shows your budget and savings trackers. I like spreads that fit everything you need neatly into one open page. Trackers are part of what makes bullet journaling so addictive and give you a visceral feeling of accomplishment.  Coloring in those boxes is just so dang satisfying. I also like how this budget breaks down different kinds of spending so you can see at a glance where all your money is going.

Follow the link for free printables if you want this system in your journal right now! This blog post also has tons of great advice for other apps and technology you can use to take control of your budget and set some realistic savings goals.

An easy monthly version of a spending log in the bullet journal!

2. Spending Log Via Bobbi’s BoJo

A budget is all very well and good, but figuring out what you actually do with your money is so much more important. If you aren’t tracking your expenses, you can’t be sure that you’re sticking to the goals you so carefully set. A spending log like this is an easy place to jot down purchases throughout the day. When it’s time to set your budget, you can take a good, hard look at bad money habit’s you’ve accumulated.

I am not someone who carries a lot of cash, so I take the lazy route and rely on my bank statement to help me figure out where my money went. My big problem is that sometimes you have no idea what you spent $45 on at Target, or why you took $60 out of the ATM three weeks ago, or which of the many Amazon Prime charges were justified and which were completely ridiculous purchases I made because I have no self-control.

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Via My_Blue_Sky_Design

3. Utility Bill Tracker Via My_Blue_Sky_Design

My main utility company recently updated their website to include a bunch of different tools to analyse your energy use. I have been obsessing and kind of disgusted with myself over my carbon footprint! This tracker is great to track how much your utility bills cost you and to record when you’ve made your payment. But I would also add a box to track the average temperatures for the month. Here in Michigan, weather “pattern” is a term we use pretty loosely because no one ever really knows what’s going to happen day to day, and that obviously has a big impact on our utility use.

This is one of those bullet journal spreads that I would want to spend a minute looking at any time I accidentally opened to this page. When my bullet journal spreads make me feel engaged and happy to look at them, I get that wonderful feeling of wanting to linger a little longer in my book.

4. Needs and Wants

First of all, this is an adorable layout. I admire people who take the time to pull out the ruler when they are making their journal spreads. I hope to be that kind of journaler someday!

Second of all, I tried a needs and wants spread for the first time last month and I was suprised how much I liked it. I guess I thought it was going to make me feel childish, but I found it quite illuminating.

When I jot a quick note about something I’d like to buy on any other shopping-list type of spread, it always ends up feeling like something I MUST have. It’s on the list, see?

But when I pause to ask myself whether I need the item or just want it, I feel much more in control of my spending. It helps me spend intentionally on the items that will make the biggest difference instead of on crap that I don’t need.




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