Bullet Journal, Goal Setting, Self Reflection

Checking Into My Bullet Journal Habit Log

Last week I put it out into the void that I was going to focus on my career and financial goals. Well, the void gave it back to me and I have been absolutely swamped with work. This is also the reason I have been lax on updates here.

Luckily, my bullet journal makes it easy to stay on top of my projects. My notes get a little messy, but my flexible journal system makes it easy to turn the page and write a fresh grid.


Not only do I plan to meet my income goal for the month, I expect to be busy enough over the next couple of weeks that I might fit half of September’s income goal in August also!

After a week where I try to focus in on a section of goals and try to make as much progress as I can, it’s good to take a week to regain balance before moving forward. For me, that means finishing up some of the projects I started last week and following through with client work, even though I’d like to work a little less this week.

I have a camping trip coming up, so I’ll be prepping for a much-deserved break this weekend. However, the plan is to go rustic camping with the dog and baby in tow, so sometimes it feels like all roads lead to work.

Since I’m taking a week to catch up and catch my breath, I thought it would be a good time to check in with my habit log.


August is already half over, no matter how absolutely insane that feels. It’s always easy for me to find time to play a video game, but I don’t feel guilty if I have a nice long list of boxes in the “show up for work” and “make money” columns. I’ve been cooking a nice dinner most nights. I’ve listened to or read a book on six different days so far this month.

The most surprising column is the first, where I have to text or call someone who is not my husband every day. That might seem like a silly habit, but I work at home and usually have to bring 2-4 kids with me when I go out in public. Guess what? I don’t go out in public much. All my friends have families, or live far away, or are busy with work. If I don’t make a conscious effort to reach out to other people, it’s easy to feel isolated.

What can I do better in the second half of the month? I can drink more water. I can exercise more. I can work on my novice, which was supposed to be part of the blitz last week and hasn’t happened so far AT ALL this month. I’m writing so many words for clients that it’s difficult to spare extra words for myself.

I can also spend more time on my personal development by studying something online or listening to TED talks.

Moving forward- I am going to ride this massive wave of client work until things slow down. If all goes according to plan, I’ll have a few weeks of downtime soon where I can turn back more intensely to some of the other goals in my life, like painting the kids’ bedrooms and practicing my bread-baking.

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