Dear Diary, I’m Madly In Love With Houseplants


How One Plant Slowly Becomes A Jungle

I spent so many years of my life resisting the idea of indoor plants. I love being outside in nature, but the idea of bringing it all indoors never really appealed to me.

I think I was just scared that I would kill them. In fact, if my husband were here to rat me out, he’d tell you that I have, in fact, killed many of them.

I also think I was living life too quickly. Starting with my freshman year of high school up until pretty recently, I’ve always felt tremendous pressure to be doing something at all times. In that mindset, there’s no room for the patient and thoughtful care a houseplant deserves.

I am living a more peaceful existence now and I have a lot more confidence. But it was sibling rivalry that drove me to go ahead and try keeping a houseplant alive. My sister started growing plants and fell absolutely in love with it. Although my sister is a strong, capable, independent woman who should not be dismissed, I still kinda felt like if she could do, I could probably do it.

And I was right! Although she does give me great advice on how to take care of my plants, so let’s not make the jump here that I’m better at plants than her. Yet. Give me some more time.


First Plant Purchase: Fittonias and Pothos

First Gifted Plant: Spider Plant

Current Collection: 17 Species

One plant leads right to another. First of all, they look great nearly everywhere I put them. I keep moving them around to try to figure out where they will thrive best. Talk about instant decorating! I’ve always struggled to decorate our home in a way that appeals to both me and my husband. He tends towards the eccentric, gothic, steampunk. I tend towards rainbows, flowers, and bright colors. He likes unexpected workmanship and I like folk art. It’s a challenge. After nine total years together, our wall art consists of our wedding pictures, a clock, and a canvas dripped with melted crayons that my daughter and I made together.

But we both love plants!


We live in Michigan right in the palm of the mitten. We hate winter and spend five to six months a year wondering why we choose to live in this God forsaken place. But I had no idea how bad it could be until I began working at home. I become a hermit in the winter and sometimes I don’t leave the house for days at a time. It is a bad habit of mine because the short days, cold air, and lack of human interaction drive me into seasonal depression. This is my third winter working from home but the first with houseplants. Despite the polar vortex that literally shut us all in our house for several days, I’m happier and feel more peaceful than ever before. I know the houseplants are part of that.

Future Goals:

Houseplant Bullet Journal Spreads

I want to sketch each plant with the scientific and common name, plus care info, tips, fun facts, and of course a place to take notes about what my plant is doing. I’d also like to start a wish list of all the beautiful plants I see that I’d like to add to my collection.

Pinterest Inspiration For Plant Stands

I want to find exciting ways to display my plants and incorporated them throughout the house. My husband built me these gorgeous plant shelves in my kitchen to get us started. I have an old wooden ladder in my garage calling out to me as well!


Growth Updates

I am so excited for spring I can’t stand it! I began purchasing plants in November, so I’ve never even seen these plants through a growing season yet. I read that my umbrella plant might grow three feet in one season! I can’t wait to see what happens. Stay tuned!

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