2nd Night Not As Great As The First

I had the impression that last night was going to be the better debate night but I personally do not think it went that way. In fact, there are only three names I’m interested in hearing more from after last night, versus the five names I’m interested in from the first night.

If you want to read my thought from last night: First Debate, First Night. 

Who I’m Ready to Dismiss After Last Night’s Debate

Marianne Williamson

Does this require explanation? When Williamson spoke, I was struck by the thought that there were actually people who didn’t make it to the debate stage last night. She was listed as an author. You’d think she’d be able to write a better zinger. Also, she said that her first act as President would be to call the President of New Zealand.

John Hickenlooper

Although “President Hickenlooper” is a delightful thing to say, John Hickenlooper is filler. He’s a career politician, he’s an old white man. I don’t think he was well spoken at all last night and I don’t think he said anything that was particularly compelling to me. Everything good about him can easily be found in a younger, less “old white man” candidate.

Joseph Biden

I was really excited for Biden to get into the race. But now that you line up all the candidates, I realize I was nostalgic for a moment that’s ended. Joe Biden can’t bring this country back together again. Joe Biden has served our country well for a long, long time and I appreciate him for everything he’s done. However, I think it’s clear that we need a much younger voice in office. We need a progressive who can be realistic and who can appeal to the actual majority of Americans that agree on things, but Joe Biden isn’t nimble enough to navigate the code switch between Democrat and Republican voters.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, like Biden, has a long career that I think he should be very proud of. But when it comes to the office of the president, Sanders has already accomplished his major life work. Bernie is one of the major factors to why we have such a wide field of very progressive candidates. But at the end of the day, he’s too old and too loud to represent the face of the American people.

Kirsten Gillibrand

I know a lot of people are excited about Gillibrand. But I’m not interested in the person who can talk overtop people and steamroll conversations. Gillibrand is smart and she’s clearly a bulldog. I’m a fan of the work she’s doing right now. But I’m looking for someone who can stand on a debate stage with Trump and win back the people the Democratic party lost in the last election. I don’t think Gillibrand’s the woman for the job.

Michael Bennet

I thought Bennet did a better job than Hickenlooper. But at the end of the day, he’s filler all the same. There are lots of great ideas out there, just as good if not better than Bennet’s, and from younger candidates with more diverse backgrounds.

Eric Swalwell

Very much not a fan. I agree with him that we need a younger president than the likes of Biden etc. But he is 100% not the guy. He was obnoxious and trying way too hard to fish for Youtube clips. He was desperate to get into a fight. We have a long road ahead of us and it will get nasty soon enough. Others, like Kamala Harris, found ways to criticize Biden while respecting who he is and his service to the country. Swalwell did not.

There were many things I didn’t like about him, but there was only one thing that made me yell “Fuck You!” at the TV. Harris was describing the anguish of a parent trying to decide whether her child’s fever is high enough to face paying an emergency room deductible. Swalwell, trying desperately for face time, said that he was ONE OF THOSE PARENTS facing THOSE SAME DECISIONS!

Harris was talking about parents who are living paycheck to paycheck, not idiots who don’t know how to manage six-figure salaries. Read more about his finances here: Eric Swalwell is a Financial Mess.

Who I Want To Hear More From After Last Night’s Debate

Kamala Harris

I can’t tell if Kamala Harris is definitely the person for the job, or if she was just the most capable woman on stage last night. I can’t wait to see her with some of the other powerful female candidates that we saw the first night. I think she was the clear hands-down winner of the debate and I think she has a lot going for her. She has a graceful presence, but she’s smart as hell and tough. I’m concerned about her ability to appeal to that weird swatch of voters who made Trump president, but I think as it stands now, she has a real shot.

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg really is a dreamy option for president. He checks so many boxes right down the line. I like that he is a veteran. We need someone in office who understands the true cost of war. He has great ideas. He’s young. I think Pete Buttigieg has a sincerity that is inescapable. Of all the men running for president, he’s the one I can see myself voting for first, based on first impressions.

Andrew Yang

Like, there’s definitely no way this guy is going to be president. But I want to hear more about his plan and what he has to say. He barely had any time to talk last night, which is a good indicator of how much media time he’s going to get in general. I’m really interested in universal income and Yang spit out a lot of information in 30 seconds last night. I don’t think he stands a chance in Hell at winning, but if the idea is good enough, maybe it can gain some traction.


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